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Frequently Asked Questions

For your convenience we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions and answers regarding our Bank, our products and services. However, if your question are not answered here, kindly go to our contact page and submit your request.


How can I open an account withEquity Global Investment Banking Finance Bank?
You can open an account with us either by downloading our account application form or by using our online account application to get the bank account of your choice.

What is the minimum initial deposit to open an account withEquity Global Investment Banking?
We do not have a specific amount required as minimum initial deposit. Depending on the kind of account you are enrolling for, the set-up fees vary. Our customer service department will guide you on account opening and deposits.

Do you have COT concessions?
Yes. However, the Turkey highly competitive banking industry, COT concession is volume driven. That is, the more volume of business you do with your account, the lesser the charges you have to pay.

Do you do network marketing?
No.Equity Global Investment Banking . at this point doesn't sell network account products. However, we are dynamic enough to give you tailor made products and services to meet your needs. Please visit our services section for more details.

Can I operate any bank account in foreign currency?
Yes. You can operate an account withEquity Global Investment Banking . which enable you to operate the account in any currency of your choice.

Can I receive foreign currency payments into my account?
Yes. Kindly discuss with our Foreign Exchange Department for modalities.

Can I do funds transfer from the Internet?
Yes.Equity Global Investment Banking . has fully equipped online banking platform to ensure that you can access and transfer funds from your account to any other account. Visit our Online Banking page for more information on funds transfer from the internet.

Can I transfer funds abroad from my account?
Yes. For eligible transactions such as offshore medical bills, school fees, offshore payments etc.

Are your online transactions real-time?
Yes. Any transaction with our bank or your bank account is processed as it is placed. We are online real-time.

How do I get my statements of account?
Account statements are mailed to your address on the first working day of every month, however if you wish to pick your statements yourself, you can do so from the office where your account is domiciled.

Why can't I pay check into my savings account?
Checks as financial instruments require that parties involved be known. Traditionally, because of the low level of documentations and identity checks associated with how savings account are opened, banks and other financial institutions do not allow third party transactions on savings accounts, which include the payment of checks into such accounts.

How do I order for a new check book?
Submit your check requisition slip to our Customer Services Unit and collect your check book within 48 hours.

How do I know if I have any returned checks?
Your account officer will notify you if any check has been returned on your account. You can also contact customer services unit to review your account activity.

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