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The Customer Services Unit is directly responsible for liaising with the potential and existing customers for the purposes of account opening, general enquiries and other related functions. The Unit focuses on excellent customer service orientation which is evidenced in continuing pro-activeness and responsiveness to the customers' needs.

The exigencies of better service as defined by the customer directs the activities of the Unit. The drive for customer satisfaction which is one of the entrenched values ofEquity Global Investment Banking . also prompt rendering unparallel personalized service in a timely and efficient manner.

Products & Services of our Customer Service Unit

Account Opening
The accounts opened by the customer services unit are:

  • Current Account (View requirements for all current accounts)

  • Savings Account
    The requirements for a savings account form include:
    (1) Identification of signatories (Drivers License or International Passport)
    (2) Two clear passport size photographs.

  • Business Current Account (Corporate Account)

Account related functions
Account related functions like account closure, account reactivation, account transfer, check book issuance, reference letter etc. Customers' requests are treated with utmost urgency at the Customer Services Unit. Examples are, stop payment orders, check confirmation and complaints in respect of missing check books.

Monthly statement/Activity reports
Customers can pick up their monthly statements from the customer service desk on the first working day of the next month. All other statements are dispatched by the unit. Also, activity report on their accounts can be picked up at any time during the month on request.

General Enquiries
The current status of your account can be checked from this unit. Enquiries on the other services rendered byEquity Global Investment Banking . are attended to at the Customer Service Unit and the customer will be directed appropriately. Prevailing market rates (Interest Rates) can be obtained from the Customer Service Unit Desk.

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