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Cash Management

AtEquity Global Investment Banking Finance Bank ., we provide our large corporate customers with tailored cash management solutions, designed to facilitate the management of their payments and receivables processes.

We work closely with our customers to gain an in-depth understanding of their business operations and to identify areas in which we can add value. We then structure tailored solutions designed to optimise their back office process efficiency, give them greater control over their cash flow positions and provide them with timely and accurate information on their accounts.

We use state-of-art infrastructure, processes and security to ensure the smooth and efficient delivery of all our transactional banking products and services.


Equity Global Investment Banking's Collections products are designed to expedite the receipt of funds into our customers' accounts and to help them manage their receivables processes with greater efficiency.

Equity Global Investment Banking's Payments products are designed to facilitate the management of our customers' payments processes. The result is a reduction in routine administrative tasks and increased payment efficiency.

Account Information
Equity Global Investment Banking. can provide you with detailed account information to facilitate your accounts reconciliation process.

Direct Payroll Deposit
A common goal for business and institutional organizations is to increase efficiencies and reduce costs. Our Direct Deposit of Payroll service helps you do both by allowing you to deposit employees' net pay directly into their bank accounts.

Business Online Service
With our Business Online Banking Service, you can enjoy the convenience of banking when and where you want, and take full control of your business finances. View account balances, transfer funds, request stop payments, and so much more - all with a few simple clicks.

Wire Transfer Service
Sending and receiving domestic wire transfers is easy and convenient. Save money and time while enhancing security by originating wire transfers online throughEquity Global Investment Banking. Our International Funds Transfer Service enables customers to move funds overseas quickly, safely, and inexpensively.

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