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Account Services

Equity Global Investment Banking. has a very strong presence in the Account Services segment of the market. The Bank has business offices located in a major commercial centre of Malaysia. We provide the following Account Banking Services:

An Account with:

  • Cheque book

  • Equity Global Investment Banking. Debit Card (subject to status) giving you access to your account and allows you to make and receive payments worldwide.

  • Ability to make payments by direct debit and standing order.

  • Internet banking services.

  • Monthly Statements on request.

Overdrafts are available, by arrangement, to established customers at the bank's discretion.

Whether you are looking to save in the short term or you're investing for the future, our range of savings accounts will give you a variety of options.

Instant Access Saver - a savings account that combines tiered interest rates with instant access to your money. You can open this account with as little as
50 and its ideal if you want regular access to your money.

Fixed Term Saver - an account offering a fixed interest rate guaranteed for the term of the deposit, together with a variety of terms. Interest is paid on maturity of the deposit and a minimum balance of
5,000 is required to open this account.

A Business Current Account fromEquity Global Investment Banking Finance Bank gives you:

  • Direct personal service with our bank.

  • A check book and paying-in book.

  • A debit card is available for sole trader accounts only.

  • The ability to settle regular fixed payments by standing orders.

  • Direct debits for the payment of regular variable payments.

  • Standard monthly statements so that you can keep track of all payments made to and from your account.

  • Internet banking to access your accounts online, make payments and transfer money.

We can provide local paying in facilities through the network of High Street banks. We are also able to set up local facilities for drawing cash from your account in the same way.

Contact us to find out if we can help you to save money on your existing Business Account charges, and become a valued business customer ofEquity Global Investment Banking.


Standard Standard Features for all Our Account

Easy access to your money
Get cash 24 hours a day from our large network of cash machines across the United States

Pay in shops with your card
Use your ATM as a debit card, to pay for goods and services.

Pay bills automatically
Arrange to pay bills and regular expenses by standing order or direct debit and you won't have to worry about late payment charges.

You can apply for an overdraft to cover your short-term financial needs. We won't charge you for setting up or maintaining an authorised overdraft.

24-hour access to your account
Bank at any time of the day or night, from home, work or abroad, when you register your account with our Internet Banking service.

A Personal Financial Advisory Service is also available to our customers. Contact our Customer Service Unit.

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